Motul 7100 10W40 4T Oil 4L

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– Material: 100% synthetic

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Premium Motorcycle Oil for Optimal Performance The Motul 7100 10W40 4T Oil 4L is a premium-quality motorcycle oil designed to provide optimal performance for your bike. This oil is formulated with advanced synthetic technology that ensures superior protection for your engine, clutch, and gearbox, even in extreme conditions.

Enhanced Engine Efficiency and Power With its advanced formula, the Motul 7100 10W40 4T Oil 4L is engineered to enhance engine efficiency and power. The high-quality synthetic base oils and advanced additives work together to reduce friction, minimize wear, and maintain engine cleanliness, resulting in improved performance and fuel economy.

Long-lasting Protection for Your Motorcycle The Motul 7100 10W40 4T Oil 4L is designed to provide long-lasting protection for your motorcycle. Its advanced formula offers excellent resistance to oxidation, which helps prevent deposits and sludge buildup in your engine. This oil also provides excellent shear stability, ensuring consistent protection for your engine, even under extreme loads and high temperatures.


– 4-Stroke lubricant Ester Technology Meets motorbike manufacturers specifications.
– Excellent shear resistance protecting engine and gearbox.
– Smooth shifting box.
– Meets JASO MA2 specifications for optimal wet clutch performance.
– Suitable for catalytic converters.

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